Preventing Injuries on the Court

Preventing Injuries on the Court

Sports and injuries seem to go hand in hand, but preventing injuries on the court should be a priority for athletes and coaches.  It can take a long time to recover from injury and get back to playing the game.  The need to play can cause athletes to return to the game long before they are ready making the injury worse.  Some injuries can even be career ending.  Here are some tips to help all basketball players prevent injuries.

Warm up before a game

One of the best ways to avoid getting an injury is by being prepared for games and practices.  Doing some dynamic stretching should be done before every game.  You can do a light jog for a few minutes before game time.  Once you have finished running, do some stretching to loosen your muscles.  Muscle tears can take a long time to heal.  During practices a warm up is usually part of the practice session and the coach will take care of that.  It is before a game that you need to warm up your muscles to get ready for the game.  Here is a full body warm up routine you can make your own.

The right gear

If you have injured part of your body in the past then using a brace can help that from happening again.  Braces are easy to fit, they can be worn anytime and you can wear them often.  Braces are also really easy to adjust to make them more comfortable.   Braces are worn so that that part of your body doesn’t move in an unusual manner that can cause muscle tears.  Sometimes after you have an injury the area can become stiff and hard to move, braces help your body to move more comfortable and stabilizes the injured area.  Athletic tape or wrap can also do the same thing.  Athletes use athletic tape around wrists and ankles for example, to improve the stability of the joints.  Like a brace the tape will help prevent unwanted movements that cause further injury.  It should also go without saying that you have proper basketball shoes and gear before you ever step foot on the court.

Staying fit

Staying in good physical condition is probably the best way to avoid injury, even professional athletes have strict daily fitness routines.  The healthier you are the better you’re going to play.  Balance your fitness routines with a healthy diet to keep you on track.  While you may have practice a couple of times a week, working out on top of that will make you a better athlete.

Master the Basics of the Game

Master the Basics of the Game

Like any game or sport if you want to improve then you need to master the basics of the game.  Basketball is a fairly easy game to learn how to play and there are only a few basic skills you need to master first to become a proficient player.  Here are the fundamental areas you are going to need to work on to improve your game.


Dribbling is how you move the ball around the court when you don’t have the opportunity to pass to another player.  You can’t carry the ball across the court in your hands, you have to dribble.  Dribbling can give you the chance to look for a player in position to shoot the ball.  While your dribbling it is also easy for the opposing team to take the ball from you.  Practice this skill often.


Passing is simply throwing the ball to another player on your team and it is the fastest way to get the ball down the court.  Good passing is one of the keys to winning a game.


This is probably the most practiced skill of all.  If you truly want to improve your shooting skills then you want to try shooting at game speed.  You won’t have the chance to line up your shot during a game it will be done on the fly.  Most players practice three point shots or jump shots instead.  A good coach will help you improve your shots during practice at game speed.


The players who are skilled with rebounds are very good at reading the game and know where to position themselves to grab the rebound.  Many think that you need size to be good at rebounds, while size helps you need to be really good at knowing where to stand to grab the rebound.  Rebounding is a skill that comes with practice and some study of the game.

Offensive Playing

Offensive playing is what scores goals and it can include all of the other skills listed above.  It also includes dribbling, passing and shooting.  Offensive playing is about moving the ball to the opposing teams basket until someone on your team is in a position to shoot and make a basket.  To get good at offensive play takes practice and keeping your eye on where your team is positioned to get them the ball.

Defensive Playing

Defense is about keeping the opposing team from scoring, defense wins championships.  It not only keeps the other team from scoring points it is also about stealing opportunities for your team and intimidation.  Defense will be a huge part of practicing your game.